POLYMAK was founded in 1998, based in Istanbul, we started to supply products of linear motion elements, shaft end bearings, conveyor equipment, engineering plastics, test and control equipments.

Our company, POLYMAK MÜHENDİSLİK, was founded in 1998 based in Istanbul and we started to supply linear motion components, spindle bearings, conveyor equipment, engineering plastics, testing and control equipment products.
Later on, within our Mechanical and Mechatronic solutions, we started to manufacture cutting, milling and linear modules.
In Shaft end processing, we have the best facilities in Turkey and our technical team has received training abroad and extremely knowledgeable in this regard. The process starts with heating the threaded shaft ends in the induction heat treatment machine, including machining the wedge in the CNC machine, and then aligning it at the level of two microns in the straightening machine.

With the soul principle of "Our promise and guarantee is your word and guarantee" in brand choices SUSTAINABLE, QUALITY and SUITABLE PRICE has become our basic goals. We are choosing our suppliers with care and sensitivity in the awareness of our responsibilities over 20 years. With our 4000 square meter stock, we aim to offer products to you without waiting.
Some dates that have an important place in our company history:
In 2001, we introduced the brand HIWIN widely in Turkey.
In 2013, we expanded our product range and became the sole distributor of the TBI MOTION brand in Turkey.
We have established our branches in Bursa in 2012 and Izmir in 2017 and we are developing our sales networks in other cities as well.

We years of experience we developed our own brands such as POL in Linear Bearing and CO&CO and C&S in Conveyor Components.

In 2017, we designed our own brands PMAPM and PMATECH linear motion products with the same principle and started to meet with our domestic and international customers.
We welcome our own products or world brands that we are representing with product specialists. Thanks to regular technical trainings, expert team members will always be at your side in sales, product selection, custom design and after sales service.

Our goal is always to be behind your word and guarantee.

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