Ballscrew Driven Module

Ballscrew Driven Module
Ballscrew Driven Module

POLYMODULE screw shaft power linear modules can be used horizontally and vertically by turning the circular motion of the motor into linear motion. Produced with precision + \ - 0,01 mm and powerful structure makes work easier. POLYMODULE are produced for easy installation, simple to use and user friendly, high load capacity and energy efficient. 
It provides long usage with dust protection structure. The engine flange is prepared according to 200W servo motor. Upper plate and motor flange can be prepared according to desired dimensions.
Our engineer team can also offer suggestions and solutions for you to choose the modules that are appropriate for your projects.

Theoretically, our modules can be used in all applications. Electronic testing and optical communication equipment, medical facilities and light work machines, Cartesian robots, CNC router, CNC plasma etc. Workforce and locally threaded shaft modules are ideal for noise sensitive applications.


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