Shaft End Processing

Shaft End Processing
Shaft End Processing
We started shaft end processing and linear module production in POLYMAK in 2012 after years of experience and expertise with investments on employee and special machinery.
Our production facility is located in the center of Istanbul, Asian side. 
In threaded shaft end processing we have the most modern and technological machines used in processing high quality precision products in Turkey accompanied by our expert staff.
In addition to the milling and straightening processes that suit our customers' demands and though technical drawings, we also have our own custom manufacturing and design work.

To give a brief description of the transaction process:

1) With our induction (heat treatment) machine, the part to be machined with screw shaft is softened by tempering and easy machining is ensured. Firms engaged in shaft milling in the market generally skip this phase, which leads to more wear on the material during processing.

2) Victor brand c-axis CNC lathe, screw machining (up to 4 meters), machining, such as wedge drilling, can be successfully machined in a single machine, precisely without any tolerance.

3) After that, we check the accuracy of the screw shaft after turning with our rectifier. Curved regions are detected and full direction is provided. Finally, our technologically equipped engineers check the accuracy of the granite plate imported from abroad with precision measuring tools according to the accuracy tolerances and complete the process. POLYMAK MUHENDISLIK is the only company in Turkey with straightening machine in its machinery process.


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