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Fuelling Nozzle TK17 CNG for fast filling of cars (NGV1)

WEH® Fuelling Nozzle TK17 CNG for fast filling of cars (NGV1), single-handed operation, self-service, twin hose system, external 3-way valve, 200 bar / 250 bar

The first WEH user friendly ‘Pistol grip’ CNG fuelling nozzle has been introduced - now redesigned in the pistol grip style familiar to all fuelling station users. Retaining the same outstanding technical functionality as our TK16 CNG fuelling nozzle, the type TK17 CNG has been remodelled with a sleek new look.
The new nozzle is just as quick and easy to use as the common petrol/diesel nozzle and has a similar look and feel. Simply lift the nozzle from the dispenser and place it onto the vehicle‘s receptacle. Full 360° rotation makes for easy engagement with the vehicle‘s fuel receptacle. Compress the actuation lever until locking lever engages and the fuelling procedure begins. The natural gas can only flow through the line if there is a safe connection. After refuelling disengage the nozzle‘s locking lever and disconnect. Please note that refuelling may be stopped or paused at any time. The hand grip has a magnet for actuation of the magnet switch for activation of the dispenser.